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How Long Could a Message in a Bottle Last?

Last week, a fisherman plucked a 100-year-old message in a bottle out of the Baltic Sea. What are the odds? Here are some message-in-a-bottle tips straight from ocean scientists: 

Aim for a body of water with predictable current. Chances are, you didn’t choose your uncharted island. But next time, think Baltic Sea. 

Choose a dark beer bottle. None of that see-through Corona glass. Gulp down your last bottle of Guinness, and prepare to be rescued. 

Roll your message inward. Ignore this step (and all of the other steps), if your desert island didn’t come with a pen and paper. 

Barnacles: No. Seaweed: Yes. Barnacles weigh down your bottle. Seaweed floats for a reason. When you’re plotting the best course for your last-ditch effort, steer clear of heavy marine life. 

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Now You Know more about Pope Francis! (Source)

Pimpin’ Pope

Someone finally to bring religion out of the dark ages and integrate it with modern society.

What is a religion? It’s people. It’s not a book, or a building, or priests and preachers. It’s the people.

People change. Societies change. Therefore religion must change to keep from denying the development and improvement of societies. But mostly it’s the other way around: societies are supposed to conform to a never-changing set of rules, which may or may not have ever happened.

"Foolish rules of ancient date designed to make us all feel great while we fold spindle and mutilate those unbelievers from a neighboring state."

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What if I could show you the future?

Know yourself. Know what you will become

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In first period tomorrow like

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Girl: I want you to dominate me

Me: Ok


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